To the hot springs.

On our second day in Azores we continued to drive around the little island, and visited a bunch of different places. At the Furnas we were immersed in the humid, hot and sulphur smelling springs, that could be spotted all over the place.  
Due to volcanic activity there are tons of places with hot water baths, and we wanted to have a try at that. We had a bath at Poça da Dona Beija, for which I don’t have any pictures of, but it was so so relaxing. There are a number of different small pools of hot water (some were around 40ºC!), and despite being a bit crowded, it was nice to just sit in the warm water and relax, and Leo enjoyed it too!

After the warm bath we went to Terra Nostra’s gardens. We just took a little peek, because it started raining, so we ended up having lunch at the restaurant of the hotel, which was one of the best decisions we made over there. Everything was so delicious!

The idea was to try the famous “Pot-au-feu” from Furnas’s Hot Springs, which is a mix of meat and vegetables that are boiled in the hot waters of the Furnas. It’s going to cook very slowly, and that is the secret for such a delicious meal. We, however, presented with so many other delicious options, ended up choosing something else. I had the black risotto with squid on top, while K had the fried forkbeard fillets with veggies, and we did not regret it.

While driving we could spot a lot of places for sight-seeing, and we’d eventually stop and just wander around.

Today is going to be a very long and busy day. But also very exciting. Please take a look at my stories on instagram!

Have fun!