Japan’17 – day 7

I’m nearly on holidays! So let’s get back to talking about Japan.

On our 7th day, we took a quick stroll around our neighbourhood (Harajuku/Omotesando) and got on the train to Kyoto. I craved going back to Kyoto. I missed the calmness and I could only think back to the bicycle strolls we did the last time we were there. I wanted to go back to Fushimi Inari and to Kiyomizudera and inhale that wonderful air that smells like pure greenery.


Turns out Kyoto looked and felt just a little bit different than before.

When we were in Kyoto for the first time, there were barely any english menus in Japanese restaurants, which felt authentic and traditional. This time around, the number of restaurants that had english menus at the entrance was immense. I felt almost a little bit betrayed by that…

Menus’ language aside, Kyoto continues to be an incredibly welcoming city, and it was wonderful to go back.