Japan’17 – day 8

On our 8th day in Japan, we decided to stroll around Kyoto. We did try to walk around Higashiyama, but it was nearly impossible, with the amount of tourists. We had L strapped on our backs and that certainly made it easier to stroll around, but it was still very difficult to navigate the immense crowds. We stood at the entrance of Kiyomizudera and thought about going up… but we felt it would definitely ruin the whole thing, going up there with these many, very loud, people around, so we decided to leave it to some other time.

Apparently tourists now have a tendency to rent kimonos and walk around Kyoto all dressed up in the traditional Japanese outfit. We can spot them right out, specially the girls, trying to pass on as geishas…

So our day resumed to a lot of aimless walks around the city — just like we love it.

Later that day, we met with Atsuko, a long time friend of ours, who owns Camellia, a tea ceremony shop in Kyoto, and she treated us to a cup of coffee and some sweets. It was wonderful to see her again and be able to have a little chat.

She offered to show us around Kyoto, and drive us to the mountains, so we had our next day planned out for us!