Japan’17 – day 7.5

I knew that something was not adding up. I have missed a whole day in Kyoto!

On our second day in Kyoto we decided to climb a mountain and visit Shogunzuka Mound. Let’s just say that it’s absolutely gorgeous up there.

Once back down we strolled around as usual, aimlessly.

In a lot of big restaurants inside shopping malls, with a child’s meal you usually get all sorts of toys and appropriate cutlery and plates (you can see the Mify’s plates on the picture), and that made me feel a little bit better as to what happened to us in Tokyo in one restaurant (they refused to let us in because of Leo). They probably feel obliged to serve and treat children in a different, more appropriate way, hence not really accepting them in, when they don’t offer those services, making them (the restaurant) look bad — that is my take on it, after experiencing both sides. I guess it goes with the same frame of mind of not letting foreigners in a restaurant, if the waiters don’t speak perfect english.

Little do they know that, here on the other side of the world, the only restaurants that give a specific meal and toys to children when they visit, are the fast food chains’ places…