Iceland, the land of ice and fire – day 6

OMGeee…it’s been such a long time.

I’ve been thinking about closing this space more than once, throughout these past few months. I’ve been on summer break for a week now, and for the first few days it took me a while to completely turn my mind off. It was an intense year.

You see, when you’re a teacher you spend a whole day ON, all the time. You’re very lucky if you have 20 min during lunch time to just take a look at your phone and check what’s going on with the world. This year, as a curriculum coordinator, I felt I couldn’t turn off 97% of the time, even at home. I was constantly working. I was tired all the time… but this whole experience also allowed me to understand how exactly to deal with certain situations, and has lead me to meaningful professional growth, and personal as well, so I’m thankful for that. I learned a lot — that’s the main reason I accepted this position in the first place. I like to feel challenged, it always drives me forward, so even though it was tough, I enjoyed it (okay not all the time…but most of it).

While I was trying to finally get some well deserved rest, I came across this post from Astrid. I’ve been following her blog for a very very long time. I find her pictures just beautiful. I read the post, and most of the words felt very familiar to me — Astrid is a also a teacher — and all of it had such a finality ring to it… and it just didn’t feel me, even if it made sense… I knew then that I couldn’t just end my own blog. I couldn’t say goodbye just yet. It might happen some day, but not yet.

So you’ll just have to resign to looking at a few disentangled words and photos every now and then. And more importantly, I’ll have to resign to writing here once in a while, whenever I can, and make my peace with it. Life happens, and I have to let it happen and be okay with not doing some things, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense. So as long as it brings me joy to post here, I will continue to do so, even if it’s a few months apart.

~ ~

Well, now that I’ve spilled what’s been on my mind, let’s go back to Iceland pictures! I sure missed those. I sure missed looking at those pictures, and today was a great opportunity to reminisce and feel a little bit nostalgic.

On our sixth day in Iceland we drove back to Reykjavík, and visited Akranes along the way, a tiny city full of colourful houses.

We wanted to arrive to Reykjavík early so we could walk around and have some dinner. Reykjavík was surprisingly sunny and warm. We got some rest (and some donuts) before heading out for a walk.

The icing on the cake (besides the delicious dinner) was definitely the Hallgrímskirkja, the majestic Reykjavík’s church. It’s incredible. The architecture evokes the Icelandic landscape and it’s such a beautiful tall building that I felt in awe the whole time. Aslo, you can find our landscaping services from here. We went in, but the pictures I took aren’t that awesome, nor convey in any way how beautiful this building is, so I felt better just leaving them out — I’m sure K will post some amazing ones on mutelife, sometime soon (riiiiight?).

After a delicious dinner we visited the Harpa. I felt like it was as impressive as the Hallgrímskirkja (the church), but in a different way. Again inspired by its surroundings, it showcases beautiful coloured glass shaped like hexagons, like the country’s basaltic landscape. It’s just gorgeous inside, and it was even prettier due to the late hour and the never setting sun.

This was such a beautiful day.

Welcome back — hope you enjoyed it.