Iceland, the land of ice and fire, last day

On the last day in Iceland, K had to leave to go work, so I was left by myself. I wondered around the city center for a bit, but since it was raining I had to go back to the hotel and just wait for my time to go.

This was an incredibly trip, but I couldn’t wait to get back to my Baby L. This was the first time we were apart for such amount of time, and it was tough.

Iceland is a beautiful country and everything is absolutely unique. You can see that this place was definitely carved out ice and fire, in every detail, in every person, in every piece of architecture. The only thing that bothered us for a bit, especially at the beginning, was how expensive everything was. A simple trip to the supermarket was crazy expensive, and we found ourselves complaining about it more than once, to the point where we had to actively tell ourselves to stop, or we weren’t going to enjoy the trip.

I definitely hope I can go back once more, just to take it all in again.

Over & out, for now.

Have a great day!