Korea – day 3

Our third day was pretty slow. Some of us were still nursing a bit of jet lag and we decided to take it slow for the day.

We went to Starfield Library, which is located in Yeongdong area in a big shopping mall… where you can also check out an aquarium!

The aquarium had an exhibition that featured the Octonauts series. The girls, being fans, absolutely loved checking out the octopod and taking pictures with Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Turnip. The aquarium was very neatly merged with the exhibit and there were also sea turtles and frogs. We also watched a mermaids show that the kids still talk about today.

Afterwards we walked around Gangnam for a bit and then went to Donggyo-dong to spend the evening.

This was one of our favourite neighbourhoods in Seoul. The vibe was young and relaxed and very lively, with shops to cater for the young clientele’s interests.

The day after this one was quite a full day, so it was good that we took it slow. Either way, it was a really fun day.

Thank you for reading!