Korea day 4 – Alpacas & more

When we were planning the trip, and were looking into several videos of Korea, I came across one showing a field with alpacas. We learned it was one of those trips that you book, where they take you to several places in just one day. We don’t usually do these sort of things, but the girls had seen the alpacas video and were clinging on to the hope of going there. We thought it wouldn’t hurt, since we would probably go places we wouldn’t be able to without a car, so we went for it.

We booked the trip through Klook – it has some interesting things if you, like us, want to try to check the country in a different way. We were especially weary of the bus trip to the place. We imagined it would be a big bus full to the brim with tourists. Hatting away, and we braced ourselves. Turns out, the trip was in a small van, and there were two other couples, who, like us, were terribly sleepy and were quiet the whole time. Our guide was very nice, spoke a bit of Brazilian Portuguese, having lived there for some time, also spoke Mandarin from having lived in China, and spoke English too. He was knowledgeable about the places around us and engaged in a nice chat during the trip. So I get we were the noisy ones?

It took a bit over two hours to get to Alpaca world. Once we got there, the only thing that didn’t quite match expectations was the fact that the Alpacas had very little wool on them, due to the hot and humid Korean weather. So they didn’t look the fluffy little cuties from the video, but they were still very cute. I was worried that the park was sort of like a zoo, but the animals ran free and had plenty of space to roam. We were given food at the start and the alpacas would come running to you and feed off your hands. There were other animals there, like goats and rabbits and deer and ducks, and they all seemed very happy and well taken care of. The girls had a blast.

After the alpacas we headed out for lunch at a nearby place – all planed out by our guide. Lunch was a nice surprise. Typical Korean and very yummy. The patrons were really pleasant and the place was quite unique.

After lunch we headed to a rail trip. We were out in a rail cart and pedalled our way through the mountains, going through tunnels that had different themes. The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful. Loads of green and rivers and mountains.

At the end we went off to our last location, Nami island. We went by boat. It took us around 10 minutes maybe, and we had time to explore the pretty little island. The girls had time to play around the playground and we had time to relax and have coffee. It was a really great day.

Back in Seoul, we wandered the streets until we found a cat cafe, and in we went for more coffee and lots of petting.

Definitely one that will, stick with us for forever.