Korea day 5 – a Happy Birthday

On the 18th of July we celebrated Keoshi’s birthday. The girls had been talking about cheesecake for his birthday for ages, but we had yet to find cheesecake.

The day started really rainy and we were tired from the alpaca trip the day before, so we took it slow in the morning. We had breakfast at A Twosome Place, a staple in Korea, and we walked around the streets until it was time for lunch.

We headed to Itaewon neighbourhood. It’s a really really nice place, tiny streets, filled with locals and local shops. We went for lunch at a very small place called Yetnal Guksi, where you have to pay upfront for the meal you’re having, and it’s pretty much self service.

We learned about this place on YouTube, on Doobydobap channel, one of those channels we watched to learn more about Korea and places to visit/eat. This one did not disappoint at all.

With our bellies full, we headed towards Gangnam where we had spotted a bowling place. Since it was still raining, we figured we’d have a good time bowling with the girls and having some beers and/or cocktails. Well, we didn’t really. We did have fun bowling, but the kids couldn’t play, they weren’t even allowed to touch the balls, and we couldn’t have any alcoholic drinks because we had the kids with us, so…alas. We still had loads of fun though.

Afterwards we went for another stroll until dinner time, and had some more fried chicken. At the end of the day, when we were getting back to our flat, I spotted another A Twosome Place and headed inside in hopes to find cheesecake, and yes! We had cheesecake to sing happy birthday! Success.