back to the real world.

Since I got back to Portugal on Sunday, I’ve done nothing but miss Paris.

My room is a complete mess, and I need to work and study – I got an entire 2 months of teaching on a full schedule and I start next Tuesday at 8.15 am, which is just lovely.

Other than missing Paris and worry about being behind with lesson plans, I’ve also been plotting a new project with keoshi. We just came up with a name for it and once things start coming together I’ll let you know more details.

Yesterday, while reading Coline’s blog I found these amazingly cute things on etsy.

from JeSophi.

The best items are already gone – and guess who got some of them? xD ME!
That’s right. I was going to buy them when keoshi beat me to it! Do I have The Best Boyfriend in The World or what? Yeah, I do.

There are also other sellers on etsy with very cute stuff and not that expensive:

SparklePeach – absolutely adore the lockets they got.

Marolsha – everything is just… *sigh*

Love Spell Jewels – beautiful stuff.

Also, through Coline and Punky I found out about this awesome shop near Notre Dame in Paris – Kiliwatch – that I did not know about before I went to Paris. ¬_¬ *sigh*

Truth is, I couldn’t bring anymore luggage, we almost had to pay extra because it was too heavy… but… ;_; I could have bought a t-shirt…! T_T

there I go, missing Paris again.