Getting back to teaching was a complete reality check. I started thinking about everything and I noticed that I got like a month of teaching and then that’s it. Then what? I have to start sending cvs, and I have to search for my masters elsewhere (just found one out in Cambridge, which is awwwesome!).
I’m really behind with work and I need to get back in track.

The other day keoshi and me went to the movies and saw Green Zone. Fine war movie. I liked the plot and the actors were great, but I felt that at times they dragged the story far too long. But still, fine war movie.

While at the shopping center, I found out these to-die-for boots, that I just had to have.

Aren’t they great? I went to the shop to drop another pair of boots that needed repair and when I looked to the side I fell instantly in love.

These are Made in Portugal boots – just as Coline’s boots (found out a couple of days ago)! They’re from Hera which is a brand 100% Portuguese. They have beautiful shoes and always comfortable. I own quite a few Hera shoes and I love all of them, mainly because they’re beautiful and I always feel I can run a marathon with them on – true story!

blue jeans: Pull & Bear, T-shirt: LaFraise, boots: Hera

Just love them.

Also, while I was near a H & M I managed to get my eyes on the greatest set of rings!

Adorable, huh?

I really want to write more about something else, but I really have to get to bed. meh.