love berlin.

Ich bin ein Berliner! 

Well, roughly since I cannot understand a single word the Berliners are saying. xD 

Everything here is huge, and I mean HUGE. The buildings, the streets, the monuments, the gardens the trees, the beer, the people. Most girls are taller than keoshi which is… woah. I feel like Berlin was built in a different scale from other cities. 

Other than that, this city is absolutely amazing. There are gardens every where, the people are quiet and seem to be relaxing all the time. This is probably related to the city’s history…which reminds me of bullet holes – I was in shock and awe.

oh and the street art!… amazing.


Right now it’s almost midnight and I’m pooped. Need to sleep because we decided to walk instead of taking the tram (even though we had a ticket) and of course we spent most of the day on our feet and we’re tired as hell…. and of course it had to start raining when we were heading to the hotel, so yeah. the bright side? I took and awesome hot bubble bath when we got to the hotel – I’m ready for bed (which is just about the most comfortable bed I’ve been in!).

I dunno if I’ll be able to post soon because internet is like gold it seems – expensive as f*ck. It’s the 21st century my people! Internet should be everywhere and free (or cheaper!). 

Auf Wiedersehen.