catch up.

Since I have been editing and uploading photos from mah vacations I haven’t really uploaded anything for my 365days project… 

Even though most people don’t understand why I take a photo of myself everyday, I like doing it. My first 365days was such a great experience! I made loads of friends and I taught myself how to take better portraits and if I go back and take a look at all those photos I remember how I felt on that specific day or what I did… It makes a great photo diary, and that’s exactly why I love to do it. 

Now I’m trying to catch up with this year’s 365days and even though I’m missing a few days, I like the results. 

day130 · 30 jul’10

First day at the beach after exams. The night was chilly so I had to get my hoodie on, while I read my Lesley Pearse book, keoshi was preparing to go to bed…

day131 · 31 jul’10

Arriving at the beach at 1 pm. Stupid me for wearing leggings – was to lazy to get my shorts out, bah – it was soooo hot out there. keoshi launched his kite, we rolled around in the sand like crazy – I swear I had sand in my ears – we took photos of the seagulls and we were back pretty late in the afternoon. Awesome day. 

day132 · 1 aug’10

Somehow the events from june/july fell in on me…We went to bed very late the night before, watching movies, and we woke up equally late so I was feeling like mush. We went to the beach late in the afternoon, gladly, and that made our day.

day133 · 2 aug’10

Got up early and went to eat croissants at this special place of ours – I just notice we have special places everywhere in the country, and even outside! xD We’re so awesome. Went back home for the night only. 

day134 · 3 aug’10

After almost an entire day driving, we check in at the hotel in Vila Real. We lazed around and went out to eat and walk around the city late in the evening. 

Check back soon for more. ^_^