two hundred.

Alas my 200th day on 365days. 

I’m missing like 20ish photos…iFail. ANYWAY! 

this is what I had in mind at all for today – it’s not a great photo, and it matches the damn day, so it all works. 

Yesterday I found out *around here* that the new Ranma 1/2 OVA was out and I went crazy searching for it and of course when I did find it, I watched and this is what I looked like while watching it: 

 I was so psyched! No I was more than psyched. and it lasted the whole 30 minutes. Sooooooooooooo awesome. 

And after that I watched both movies and one more OVA. So I went to sleep at… 6am? ish. 

At 9 am my mum wakes me up because my grandma’s tv was just noise and of course, me being the tv specialist (not) I had to go and fix it. It wasn’t that easy, because the damn magic box needed a new wire, so my dad had to come to the picture and we both spent the whole entire morning and a bit of the afternoon trying to make the tv work. Once it was working fine, my grandma, who has a bad cold, told me to turn it off because she wanted to go to bed. Lovely, huh?

So with just 3 hours of sleep I was not the most energetic person and I had to tidy up my room so yeah… awesome. And the next great thing? Lack of sleep makes me edgy and pissed off. ¬_¬ 

So yeah, shitty day, shitty photo. That’s what the project is for anyway!