The rent a car experience was good for us back in Switzerland so we decided it was time to repeat it, and what better place to do it than Holland? 

We got up early (but later than what we wanted to — we got up at 5 the day before so bare with us, yeah?) and rode João’s bike to Europcar to get us a four wheels: Fiat 500! Tiny and shiny! And if we moved too much inside the car would move with us. 

We got on the road and drove to Rotterdam, to have lunch at Subway — I could eat there everyday. And we were on the road some 30 minutes later and on our way to Delft. 

subway lunch. rent a fiat.

We had already been there years ago, but this time around there was a street market there! And we love street markets, yes we do! 

The flowers were beautiful, the food was delicious…! 

flowers. chapel.

We gout ourselves a gigantic stroopwafel that was still warm and so yummy. We walked quite a bit around until we sat for a dutch beer and for a little rest…but we did have our minds on something even more appealing than the stroopwafel… fried fish. 

Fried freackin delicious fish. I never in my whole life had a piece of fried fish *that* good. 

We've been here before. he was so nice. ¬2 the best fried fish I have *EVER* eaten.

Back to the road and headed to Leiden. That was such a pretty city! I loved it so so much! 

I do have to say that I love most of these little dutch cities… they all look so nice and clean. And all you wanna do is walk around to take in everything you possibly can! 

Leiden. cathedral in leiden Leiden

After the walk around Leiden we headed to Amsterdam and got there already by night time — which was fine because Amsterdam is worth visiting at any time of the day. 

amsterdam. tower. sooc.

We walked around the Jewish neighborhood because we tried to go to the okonomiyaki place we went before, but it was packed so we had dinner somewhere else — that was the worst part of the trip, most definitely. Bad expensive food. Never again. 

never again. taking a pic.

And when we felt it was already getting late we went back to Breda, took us an hour -ish and we were back to Europcar to drop the car and he’d back home.

The next day we had to get back, so we got ourselves to the Breda Station, had breakfast at albert heijn, and rode the train to EIndhoven, where we walked around for a bit and almost missed the plane! Always fun! No, seriously… it was mad at the moment, but now that I think about it, it was so much fun! 

João's place. keoshi.

Before we knew it — we were dead tired so we slept through most of the way — we were back in Porto, getting train tickets to Lisbon. 


It was most definitely the shortest and most fun trip we had so far. I miss Breda and I  surely want to go back someday. 

That city makes me happy. 

On other news…I’ve been busy, busy, busy, I’ve got tons of blogs’ entries to read, photos to see, news to be updated with… it’s just been…uuf!  

And of course flickr 365days is suffering as I haven’t been posting ever since I went to Breda — back on the 11th! — but I *have* been a good girl and taking pics everyday. 

This is a mad week for me but I’m sure I’ll upload stuff and get on track — I tend to do more when I have more to do, weird but true. ah. 

aaaaaaand i’m gonna get myself in bed because I’ve got a meeting tomorrow and I have to get up earlier than usual… damn it. 

Edit: this was actually written back on tuesday night, it’s now 2am, friday — only proves how busy I’ve been lately. 

(written on the latest Ommwriter dãna version — I love this)