a taste of shushi and currywurst.

life? it’s been busy. 

busy good, not busy bad. 

When we got back from the netherlands, I knew right before I set foot on portuguese soil that the upcoming week was going to be a bitch. 

I wasn’t wrong.

all I wanted: to sleep.

I had classes at 8.30 am on monday, and since my workplace isn’t right outside my doorstep (quite the contrary) I would have to get my very tired ass out of bed by 6.30 am. I slept for 3 hours…ish. So I taught in the morning for 45 minutes and since I coordinate all other teachers in my class I had to work for the entire effin morning. That was just monday. in the morning.

in all the madness I managed to finish lesley pearse’s “Don’t Look Back” book — great story, great characters, great history lesson (this time it was the USA history).

getting some sun, probably.

The entire week was quite busy and on Thursday I had to go back to Lisbon because we had tickets to see Miyavi that night!

So on a (sort of) double date we saw Miyavi —  great, great show. It was very nostalgic to listen to all the japanese lyrics that I once knew by heart and feel like the manga obsessed teenager I once was I still am (just don’t show it often). I had so much fun. 

miyavi performing by keoshi, in photografia.

miyavi, by daniela gaspar.

By midnight we thought our night was over — I had to come back on friday morning because I had classes in the afternoon (until freaking 10 pm!) — but we were oh so wrong. 

keoshi suggested we stopped by Lux (a very famous club around here (is it really that famous? anyway…) and imagine our surprise when we learned that Apparat would be performing there! A chance we could not miss, obviously. 

I must admit I was a bit worried of course, because the man was scheduled to perform at 2 am, which meant he would be actually performing at 3 am, which meant we’d get home very late indeed — and I still had some work to do (ridiculous, I know). 

10 minutes in and I didn’t really care anymore, I’d make it trough friday somehow, so whatever. 

apparat performing – I know you can’t really see him… meh.

Amazing, just amazing night we had. got home by 6 am (or 5, I don’t remember anymore) had a tremendous amount of fun and wished it didn’t have to end.

the only photo I could take at 6 am… 

But it did. The next day in class I made up a few words, almost slept through the way while driving but it was all very much worth it. Couldn’t be happier about it! 

tired but happy!

The weekend was spent sleeping, eating sushi and riding our bikes. 

at keoshi’s!

always a must: hot rolls.

vegetables satay – delicious!

california. yummy.

during the weekend we also discovered the deliciousness of a mix of strawberries, banana and marshmallow fluff! 

that’s it for today’s post. 

PS: the title of the post a taste of sushi and currywurst refers to Miyavi who’s from Japan, and Apparat who’s from Germany.