the casino and a surprise farewell party.

The madness was over for a little while. Now I could concentrate only on the tests for the kids because Easter break is coming.

part of the invitations, where you could read how the photography process would be happening at the wedding — featured here! 

On monday when I got home (at freaking 10 pm!!) I had mail from my very precious friend Katherine! It was her wedding invitations! I was SO happy I got it! I must take proper photos because the work there is just amazing since they got the best wedding event insurance that makes sure that the couple have a good time on their big day. The little lemons, the images, the words, the colors… everything fit perfectly!
I love her for all her work and I think she should be a wedding designer! xD You can visit her site for more amazing stuff!

On thursday I headed to the big city to do some shopping. I needed new clothes. Got myself some jeans a nice striped sweater and a few other things…

it’s been getting warmer and warmer… 

(I actually don’t have any photos of that right now)

in lisbon, before I changed into my party outfit… that was actually a pair of jeans and a top.

On friday it was the day of the test and again I had to drive to Lisbon because keoshi and me were invited to a friend’s birthday party at the casino.

The party was very nice and I laughed quite a bit with the whole lot…We watched people play and we were headed to the city by 2 am. We drank and talked and drank a bit more and the bar closed so we headed to another bar that was really really nice, except the fact that it was crowded: but it was still very very cool.

That one closed also and we headed to another one where we partied quite a bit for some time…

When we headed back to the car, poundering if we really should take the car or grab a cab, the sun rose. Decided to take the car, grabbed breakfast at mcdonald’s and headed home.

these are the 365days bits of that week, I don’t have any photos of this particular friday night for obvious reasons — I could barely breath with so much laughing going on, let alone hold the phone to take pictures.


That night we had planned a special surprise party for a friend who will be leaving Portugal for quite some time — so I knew we were in for a long fun night! again!

We surprised the man and he was so incredibly happy with all the friends and everything… it was so so so cool!! Specially the bit where we actually gave them (him and his girlfriend — the same couple who were with us for Miyavi and Apparat the other night) a lift to the city and tried, to the best of our abilities, to fool him into thinking we were actually leaving Lisbon so they would be staying at our place there for a nice relaxing weekend just the two of them.

We fooled him nicely and didn’t let out a peep. Of course his girl was in with the whole thing.

ruben, in white was the surprise party boy – in photografia, by keoshi.

I decided to buy a disposable camera for the event because the 7D would not fit in the little purse I bought — but I still haven’t developed the film!

We went to this nice little Nepalese place where the staff was very nice and patient with us and where the food was absolutely delicious! keoshi and me planned to go back for more.

panorama, full size here – in photografia, by keoshi.

the girls and some of the boys painted a red dot in our foreheads.

chicken tikken masala! YUMMY!

We got out of the restaurant and headed to the bars.

We were at this very nice gay bar where they were giving out lollipops! As I tried to grab hold of the second lollipop the shirtless guy that was giving them out jumped on the counter and started dancing so I couldn’t get my lollipop, damn it! (this was just a rant, ahaha)

We went to another bar were we stayed for quite a while and then headed to the club, where we couldn’t get in — the girl at the door asked for a crazy ass amount of money and we were out of there… she was nice! but could’ve worn a bra. just sayin’.

[as soon as I develop that film I’ll post pictures of this whole night, well, almost]

Since the surprise-party boy was with us with his girl and they were sleeping at out place we headed to mcdonalds to get some food and back home, where we ate and talked and laughed… a night well spent with great friends.

On sunday we slept the day away basically and I had to leave early because I had classes on monday.

So that was a nice fun weekend. Indeed.