real madrid.

Our hotel was in the Barrio de La Latina, full of narrow streets and big squares.

The first thing we spotted was a nice street market with the most beautiful flowers… We then headed off to the Gran Via and basically just strolled around taking in the views.

We sat in the front of the Congreso de Diputados — quite a majestic building — resting for a bit and eating sweeties from oomuombo. 

Since we wanted to visit the Parque del Retiro and the Botanical Garden was basically on our way, we decided to go in and take a peek at the King’s backyard (not really) and it was, most of all, relaxing and interesting to the eyes. 

Parque del Retiro was the place where we spent the most time… just walking, sitting and enjoying everything around us.

Getting out of the Parque walking along the Calle de Felipe IV we spotted a very nice place with good looking and out of the ordinary food, Estado Puro, near the Plaza de Neptuno. We sat outside, with a nice view of the Neptune’s Fountain and enjoyed our early dinner: tortilla in a cup and mini burgers. In one word? Delicious. 

We were back to the hotel after exploring a bit of Calle de Cervantes.

We wanted very much to take a look at the city in the night lights so we got on our car and drove around, passing by the Real Madrid gigantic stadium and of course we had to go pick some Taco Bell up, to end the day on a high note. 

near the La Latina.


sweets and more sweets.

day113 ✰ 23'apr'11

Natural ingredients.

correoswhere the money is

the streets.


in front of the Congreso.


cactus in the botanical garden.


parque del buen retiro

Parque del Retiro.


deconstructed tortilla, and the best tortilla I ever had.


mini burgers.

dia de los muertos

Dia de los muertos in the Calle de Cervantes.