life through the x100.

I wanted to post this as sooner as possible, because these are still last year’s shots with the fuji x100. These are just random shots but I do love this camera very much.

I only took this camera with me for Paris, thinking I could do without the 7d (since keoshi would be using the 5dmkii), so of course something *had* to go wrong. If you stick with me and this blog for a little while you will see that Murphy’s laws are always there for me, never failing. Ahem. So, I did only take the x100, but I did not take its charger, nor the second battery. I did however bring the charger of the 7d. Brilliant isn’t it? right.

So I basically took photos with the x100 for two days and the other 4 days I just used my iPhone. Which turned out to be quite fine, actually! Because I was able to really enjoy the views. I had already decided that I wasn’t going to take my camera to Disneyland, because it would just be a bother there, but the other 3 days I was quite okay with using just the phone.

I’m still bummed out that I didn’t use the x100 to its full potential, but oh well! Another time will have to do.

So I’m leaving you with a few random shots now.

Have fun this friday!


DSCF1734-3 DSCF1738-5 DSCF1748-6 DSCF1791-7 DSCF1797-8 DSCF1813-9 DSCF1814-10 DSCF1817-11 DSCF1823-12 DSCF1824-13 DSCF1828-14 DSCF1829-15 DSCF1830-16

the making of the croissants.

DSCF1834-17 DSCF1840-18 DSCF1842-19 DSCF1843-20 DSCF1852-21 DSCF1856-22 DSCF1858-23

and since I wanted to make mini croissants we had enough dough left to make these.

DSCF1864-24 DSCF1867-25 DSCF1868-26 DSCF1869-27

This was taken with the iPhone, the finished product.
Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 12.46.29 AM