a break.

Finally I’m on a break!

It’s not the week long break that I was supposed to have, but still, I’m quite happy with just a few days — even if I have work to prepare for the upcoming days, but let’s not talk about that.

I have been an absolute busy bee these days (it feels like I’ve heard this before). Lessons to prepare, assignments to mark, school work that has to be done, and more tutees wanting my help after school. It’s been crazy.

I was hoping for this break to just ease a bit on the workload, so I can go back to school next tuesday feeling at least a little bit prepared for another month of craziness until the next break, happening mid-april. After mid-april comes the 3rd term, and I’m hoping that one will be a breeze, since I’ll only having around 6 weeks of effective lessons… I’m already talking about summer, can you tell? Yeah… I’m definitely tired.

Anyway, this week even though busy, it’ll be a bit laid back, since I’ll be in the hometown until Thursday, because K is out for work. It’s time to get my sleep back on track, read books, watch movies. play games, watch series, take photos, workout and get ready for more work — this plan is sounding more flawed than what I had initially predicted… if I get to just do the first one, I’ll be a happy girl.

starbucks is nice sometimes, although I still prefer Dunkin’ Donuts.
with such a shitty weather we now have taken the habit of driving around town…
with Akira on the backseat, of course.
I bought door covers, so Akira wouldn’t accidentally scratch the inside of the car. They work quite well!
I’ve read them nearly all on my iPad, but I just *need* to feel them in my hands. Books need to be something physical to go that extra mile…
packing up…
The bulk under the covers is Akira sleeping.
Akira and me driving to the hometown. And that’s not garbage, it’s all his sleeping blankets.
Traffic allowed me this photo.


Ah it feels nice to be able to sit back and actually upload photos on the computer for a change.

I hope you enjoy your Saturday!