K and me have been trying to enjoy every little bit of sunshine we can get, so last weekend we went on a walk by the riverside and had Guinness and fish & chips, while Akira happily begged for fish and chips and enjoyed the views. It was such a nice little stroll.





I was finally able to go through nearly all the blogs on my reading list! It’s quite wonderful to go through all the posts from friends and find some really nice things. Or things that make my insides turn a bit! People should be warned about certain members of this community… But that’s a topic for me to think of.

One other thing I’ve also checked was Pinterest! Oh I’m in love with the Pinterest app for the iPad! I could spend hours on that thing! It’s quite awesome.

And I haven’t watched the oscars yet! Will do in a couple of minutes once I get up from my warm and cozy bed. I tried to stay awake, but just couldn’t. I hope it was a good show.

Completely nonsense post! Yay!! So happy that I’m on break!

Have a great week, people!