Healthy bagels, crêpes and red light ladies.

Our last day was still a full whole day in Amsterdam so we checked out of our wonderful flat and headed to a healthy brunch place with lots of delicious bagels and healthy smoothies. While K had his green smoothie with yogurt, powdered matcha and a few other things, I had a veggie and orange one, with an arkopharma ‘health gel’, that was non other  than my good old friend aloe vera cactus’ gel — I’ve been using this succulent’s gel for ages now, and while my mum likes to have it in fruit juices, I put in on my skin as a face mask, and it does wonderful things for you either way…but maybe that’s a topic for another post? On with the pics.

matcha powder
veggies and arkopharma capsule. In the future we will all be eating out of capsules, trust me.

bagel with mushroom burger and cheese.
smoked salmon and teriaki sauce.

After an enormous brunch we headed to the city and left our bags in the lockers at the train station, which is very convenient if  you don’t want to go around with your backpacks on, and strolled around some more. It was a pleasant and beautiful day that we filled up with delicious crêpes and another walk around the red light district, where we saw the Fokken twins, the two retired ladies from the red windows, who were being filmed at that very moment.

Stroll through Vondelpark.
horsies and their owners.

Nutella and banana.
simple with just syrup.
nice ride!

Meet the Fokkens. I tried to focus on them inside, but I didn’t want to draw much attention on myself, because they were filming, and I didn’t want to disturb… but I’m pretty sure Keoshi got a good shot!
and our own special bottle.

And that was another stroll around Amsterdam. I really love this city.

In the meantime, Keoshi is getting ahead of me in what concerns pictures from Spring break and has already a post out with some amazing pics, so go check it out!

Have a great day!