Ramen and Fifteen.

On our second day in Amsterdam we rented bikes and headed to the suburbs in search of the best ramen in Amsterdam — thanks to nunopedrosantos on instagram — and indeed we found it! The noodles weren’t as sticky as I like them to be, but still it was like a welcome back home meal. Very tasty and packed with, not only flavour,  but incredibly good memories from our lovely Japan.

the portuguese flag hanging on.
the ramen menu.

Kirin is a must.
shoyu ramen with extra leeks.
and manga is also a must.

After a full belly we headed to the Heineken museum, incidentally, right in front of our place in the city. I never thought I’d learn so much about beer — and considering that the chemistry process of brewing alcoholic beverages is part of the curriculum I teach, that is saying quite a lot, from my point of view! It’s quite unbelievable how differently you start looking at other beers, after you’ve learned how Heineken is made. You even learn how to drink it well! It was quite a fun experience.

heineken, here we go!
in the old days…
big pans.
turn the wheels and see what happens.
and don’t forget to keep tasting it!
and there you have!
I can see a special bottle of Heineken on the middle shelf…! and I can also see a ‘Vanessa’ and ‘Pedro’! xD

After a couple of strolls through the streets we ended up at the port, where we had our dinner, at Fifteen. Fifteen is Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Amsterdam where you will find 15 aspiring young chefs, with tough backgrounds, who get the chance of a lifetime, learning a beautiful craft that will surely help them out in their future. The staff is amazingly helpful and nice, the ambiance is terrific and even though one might think it’s an upbeat type of restaurant where everyone dresses nice and posh, you still feel very at ease and comfortable — probably because it’s the Netherlands? maybe, but still. We had an awesome meal and an even better time.

The view from our window.
Our place in Amsterdam was right next to the Heineken museum, and you can clearly see the line for the entrance on the right side.
roaming through.
celebrating the world cup.
getting some fries.
guarding the entrance?
on our bikes.
Marinated mackerel from the north sea.
roasted ‘forgotten’ vegetables.
powered by a very very good white wine that I don’t remember the name of…but it was *very* good!
enjoying the evening, not so much me taking his picture. xD
dutch leg of lamb from kampen
choosing our dessert.
the place getting crowded.
fifteen’s dessert — that K didn’t really like, but I really enjoyed it!
some nice colours.
End of a great day full of delicious things.


And that was it for our second day in Mokkum!

Have a great week!