Day 60/365

Days are flying by. Time feels like water that I’m trying to contain with my hands… And I’m still tired! 

Today this Jim Gaffigan book arrived! I looooooved Dad is fat, and I just couldn’t stop wondering what a book about food would be like, coming from Jim Gaffigan. Eager to start reading it! 

Day 60/365 – this is the best dessert ever. 

I made cookie dough for chocolate chip cookies the other day and I always save most of the dough for later, because it’s just too much. I just rolled up a few balls of dough in cellophane and put them in the freezer. K then remembered to mix some of these frozen up bits of dough with vanilla ice cream! One could just stop there and you’d have an amazing ice cream dessert, but he cooked up some cookies and put them in the ice cream as well. There ya go. Perfect dessert ever. 

The only downside may be the fact that you won’t want to eat dessert for another week. Or maybe that’s an upside!

Either way, perfect.