Day 84/365

Teething has been a complicated process. But we now have two teeth already out (yay!) and there’s more coming, so I guess we’ll just have to learn to be very patient. 

Day 84/365 – today, another milestone: she ate all her solid food meal in (nearly) one go and without crying (much)!

I keep humming or singing the itsy bitsy spider and wheels on the bus (and things of the sort) All. The. Time. I can’t seem to get it out of my system…and they all seem to mish-mash together… It’s in my bloodstream, I’m afraid… 

I’ve been wanting to draw again, so I might pick up on that sometime soon…*laughs* because I so obviously have an abundance of free time on my hands!…aah I should sleep. 

Have a great day people.