Days 81, 82 & 83/365

Rough couple of days! Okay so long story short. 

On the 9th of October I got the new iPhone 6s. Two days later there was some sort of glitch and the screen stopped working. It would only turn on when I hit the reset combination buttons. I thought it was weird, but it wasn’t the first time it happened something to me with a new iPhone and then it just simply never happened… Turns out it happened again and again and again and I had to take it to the shop. And the most idiotic thing happened. They took the phone away, and refused to give me a new one (even after complaints – K went ballistic on them) because they have to send it to Apple, so Apple can send a new phone. I mean…WTF? 

I chose a white iPhone this time, and kept thinking “never had trouble with a black one, now that I’m getting a white something is gonna happen…”, well there ya go. I really must trust my gut. 

Anyway. I completely forgot to take a picture on day 81, which was the 23rd – I tried to hold on to it for sometime, yes… Sucks, actually, because that was the day I left the iPhone at the store…and then I had to ask my parents to send my old iPhone and I waisted at least two hours trying to pick up the phone…ugh. 

It was a quiet rainy rainy weekend. Keeps pouring out there. 

Day 82/365 – brunch at home. We nearly always have brunch on weekends, we get up too late to have a breakfast so we just do it all in one go. 

Day 83/365 – mid afternoon. 

Hope you have a great week.