A bunch of days/365

Turns out that having a baby and working at the same time is tough. Who would’ve guessed?! 

When I got home after work on Wednesday I wanted nothing more than to lay down for a bit with my baby and relax for a bit. Everything was going great until Baby L didn’t fall asleep before 1 am. 

Let’s hope this changes a bit during the next days. 


Day 91/365Nov 2nd 2015 – finally the iPhone is back. Apple sent me a new iPhone, or so they say. It came in a bubble wrap only, so I have no idea if it’s new or not. It’s definitely not the one I had before though… All this had me extremely disappointed with Apple.


Day 92/365Nov 3rd 2015 – gift from a sweet friend to Baby L. It came from Japan and it’s Baby L’s Japanese astrology sign, the sheep (hitsuji)! 


Day 93/365Nov 4th 2015 – burgers for dinner. 

Day 94/365Nov 5th 2015 – ups, I didn’t take a photo. The only photo of this day on my phone is a screenshot of a complaint I filed to the police about a neighbor mistreating his dog. Everyday I listen to that poor dog getting beaten up, so I had to do it, unfortunately…

 Day 95/365Nov 6th 2015 – candy from Japan! A small thing that made me so happy. I still need to write a proper post about this day, though.


Day 96/365 Nov 7th 2015 – there’s pie in the oven.   

Day 97/365 Nov 8th 2015 – walk around Lisbon. The weather was pretty great so we decided to go out and enjoy it. Baby L was a tiny bit fussy which would make Akira get a bit nervous, but everything turned out okay.

Have a great week!