Days 88, 89 & 90/365

I need to stay on point now. With this and everything else – this has always been my problem, want to do too much at the same time…I guess the pressure makes me work better/harder? I dunno… 

This next Wednesday I have to go back to work. My maternity leave was cut short and I have to go back earlier than anticipated…which sucks. But you gotta do what you gotta do. 

I realised that I’ll never have the opportunity to stay with my daughter for this amount of time, 24/7, ever again. And when I think about that, it’s a little daunting. But that’s life… 

Day 88/365 Oct 30th – sushi night. 

 Day 89/365Oct 31st – Saturday breakfast. This was the day that marked a year that I found out I was pregnant. I got one of those pharmacy tests, and when I saw it was positive I didn’t want to believe it. I told myself that it would only make it official if a doctor told me I was, indeed, pregnant. On November the 2nd, the conversation with the Doctor when like this: 

Me – I’m here because  I did one of those cheap pregnancy tests, and it came out positive.

Doc – oh congratulations! Fantastic! 

Me – … No, no, no, you’re not getting it. It was one of those things you pee on. I need to know if I really am pregnant. 

Doc – *laughing hysterically* oh you are, you are! But let me redirect you…

And then I actually saw it with my own eyes. A white blob, already showing a baby form, in a black monitor. 

I cannot believe that was a year ago. And that white blob turned out to be the prettiest baby, who already has two little teeth showing. 


Day 90/365Nov 1st – Sunday brunch. 
 We went out for a walk on Saturday and the sky was amazing. 

Have an awesome week everybody!