Amsterdam ’14.

This past week of doing nothing (work related) felt incredibly amazing!

I was able to tidy up the kitchen and our wardrobe, and prepare everything for the big changes coming in August (aka an office! — just to make it clear). In the meantime, and since I’m going overseas in just a couple of days, I came back to the hometown to stay a bit with my parents and run a few errands that have to be done here. Also, I’ve been watching anime and reading manga non-stop — yesterday I went to bed way past 2 am (back in the day I’d go to bed at 6 am because of manga/anime…this only means I’m getting old, right?) watching Cross Game and reading Rinne. And I went off the deep end yesterday because Sailor Moon has had a reboot!!! So I watched the whole episode on stream at the same time as Japanese and worldwide moonies and it felt awesome! Technology is such an amazing thing… Back in the day I’d have to wait weeeeeeks on end just so someone in the United States could get the episode, find another person who’d translate it to english, add subtitles to the thing and then download it through IRC channels. Good ol’days. Now it’s just faster. Not better, faster.

Aaaaaand I also had time to edit pics! And I’ve also had time to realise how many pics I have to edit from the Spring break…! Too many. So many in fact that I decided I will now bombard you with Amsterdam pics until I’m at my holiday destination, and then I’ll have to bombard you with iPhone pics from…wherever I am, and only after I come back I’ll upload the Spring pics. So many plans…!

So, here are a few pics from Amsterdam and I hope you enjoy!

heineken is a must.

and edamame too.
bowl of sticky noodles with grilled salmon for K.
and lobster salad for me — soooo delicious!
colourful doggies amongst the people.
a canal.
a quiet little square to have some drinks.
a cute little place to have a nice quiet time and some drinks.
comospolitan for me.
our street.

a bit of yellow never hurt anyone.
taking a selfie to celebrate the Netherlands goals.
the more the merrier!
by night.

And that was our first day in Amsterdam.

Have a great weekend!